Character Infos

Name: Eric
Class: Mechanic
Age: 17
Info: Eric is brave, smart and a bit cheeky sometimes. Even tough he can build some stuff, it doesn't mean he can take stuff seriously. He is referred as the leader of the group

Name: Natalie
Class: Archer
Age: 16
Info: The party animal of the group. She is the reason why Eric doesn't take anything seriously. She is also pretty accurate with a bow.

Name: Isabelle
Class: Black Mage
Age: 18
Info: Overdramatic, controls the elements and looks pretty nice. She takes everything too seriously and acts like a babysitter of Eric and Natalie

Name: Jack
Class: Rune Knight
Age: 21
Info: Calm and Loyal. He looks like he has no feelings, but he's not that passive as he seems like. He doesn't like to be the "boss"

Name: ???
Class: Gunner
Age: ?
Info: Mysterious and strangely smart. He is strong, and his true identity is a mystery to everyone. He put up a large fight before he joined the group.

Name: Serna
Class: Assassin
Age: 18
Info: Serna is a Floral, wich means he carries a large flower on his back. He is often childish, but somehow he is very close to Cael

Name: Cael
Class: White Mage
Age: 19
Info: The only 'Normal' Pperson in hte group. She is smart, strong and good looking. No wonder why Serna likes her so much.

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